Why awareness about Cancer is important?

We as human beings, control less than what we think off. One such thing is getting affected by diseases by chance, or by birth. And when we are confronted with that, most of us are not equipped on how to handle it. Let us go by examples, if in a common Indian household, a child is born premature (Neonatal births), people residing in the tier II and tier III cities or villages are not equipped with the knowledge of how to proceed further. And same can be said is the case if the child is born with cancer or gets cancer at a very young age. Most of them go mostly undiagnosed. Why is this ignorance? Are there not enough awareness or do we willfully decide to turn our ears away? We are not sure right, because we can not generalize. But as far as things can be put, we will assume that there is not enough awareness as well as there are groups of people who turn their ears away from such messages and announcements.

First is, kindly break away the stereotype associated with the disease of cancer. Smoking is not the only cause of cancer. Most people think cancer is a result of chain smoking. But it is not ture. There are umpteen numbers of versions of cancer. So do not be under the thought that if someone is not smoking he or she is completely away from cancer. We do not know why a certain person develops cancer. For most of the cases we can attribute reasons and causes but in case of children is it possible to do so? No. We do not know for sure the reason behind why a child contracted cancer. Then how is it fair on the child to undergo the pain and sickness and most of them suffer for an extended period of time because of delay in the treatment as most of them can not afford it. So what are we doing for it? We at Caring Souls Foundation, bring donors who are willing to donate for the treatment of the patients affected with cancer. And the focus of this blog is children. So kindly contribute 50 INR for the cause and also spread a word amongst your circle.

We are dedicated to the cause of HIV/AIDS and CANCER prevention and providing support to patients. CASOF defines dedication, common values, goals and caring for